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Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited

Price List
  • Karachi : RS 3120
  • Hyderabad: RS 3120
  • Sukkar: RS 3120
  • Lahore: RS 3120
  • Faisalabad: RS 3120
  • Sialkot: RS 3120
  • Multan: RS 3120
  • Sargodha: RS 3120
  • Bahawalpur: RS 3120
  • Rawalpindi: RS 3120
  • Islamabad: RS 3120
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir: RS 3120
  • Gilgit-Baltistan: RS 3120
  • Baluchistan: RS 3120
  • Murree : RS 3120



Burshane has always been committed to innovation. As such, BPL has  proven itself as an industry leader when it comes to the introduction of new standards, processes, and Operational Excellence

LPG Industry In Pakistan

LPG is an alternate fuel basically used in Pakistan for domestic and commercial cooking fuel. It is also used in Auto, as Industrial fuel, in Power Generation and for any other energy generating equipment.

Burshane History

Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited believe in innovation and improvement in everything we do. From its inception, it has proven itself as an industry leader and set the benchmark of corporate success. Be it an introduction of new standards, procedure or operational excellence, BurshaneLPG (Pakistan) Limited remained the top performer in every aspect. Till date, BPL is the only listed company of LPG industry