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Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited


Irfan Javed Warsi

GM-Commercial & Business Development
Mr. Irfan Javed Warsi joined Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited in 2014 as General Manager Commercial & Business Development, in early 2016 management have decided to avail hisexpertise in Human Recourse and assigned him additional task to head the Human Recourse
Department as well.Mr. Irfan Javed Warsi an Exploration Geologist by profession, served more than 37 Years in OGDCL having a master’s degree in Petroleum Geology from Sindh University Jamshoro. He joined OGDCL in 1974 as Exploration Geologist and after that, he became Deputy Chief Geologist, during the period he particularly accomplished more than 30 Oil & Gas wells all around the country. In 1985 OGDCL management decided to utilize the management skills of Mr. Warsi to establish their a commercial department on the grounds of his additional qualifications, Diploma in Public Administration and LLB posted him as Manager Commercial. During his stay in OGDCL Commercial Department from were retired as Head of Commercial he performs responsibilities Arrange Allocations, Dispatch Arrangements of Crude Oil & Gas, Obtaining Allocations from MP& NR, Business Development, Project Management & Pre-sales consulting. He has attended various management and professional training programs from reputed local and foregion intuitions. He is also an active member of American Society of Petroleum Engineers since 1981 and Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists since 1995.